18 December 2015
A dancefloor with a view
A dancefloor with a view

Let’s be honest… after a whole year with ExpoinCittà and its 46,000 events, the people of Milan have grown to love this new, eclectic and creative city.

ExpoinCittà ExpoinCittà
Dancefloor con vista Madonnina
18 December 2015 Dancefloor con vista Madonnina

Diciamoci la verità: dopo un 2015 trascorso in compagnia degli oltre 46 mila appuntamenti del calendario di ExpoinCittà, i milanesi (di nascita, per adozione, o soltanto per un giorno) ormai si sono abituati a una città che non li lascia mai soli, e soprattutto, mai a corto di spunti per divertirsi, conoscere e condividere. 

ExpoinCittà ExpoinCittà
“Bianco Inverno 2015” and much more! Christmas in MilanoaplacetoBE
11 December 2015 “Bianco Inverno 2015” and much more! Christmas in MilanoaplacetoBE

Christmas markets, roast chestnuts, ice rinks , lights and decorations… according to tradition, from 7 December (Saint Ambrose’s day, the patron saint of the city), Milan becomes more and more beautiful for Christmas time. There will be so much to do this year, from traditional Christmas events to unique exhibitions and initiatives. 

ExpoinCittà ExpoinCittà
Bianco Inverno e non solo! Queste sono le Feste 2015 a MilanoaplacetoBE
10 December 2015 Bianco Inverno e non solo! Queste sono le Feste 2015 a MilanoaplacetoBE

Mercatini, caldarroste, piste di pattinaggio, alberi, luci e addobbi… come da tradizione, passato Sant’Ambrogio Milano inizia a colorarsi per le Feste di Natale. Gli eventi saranno davvero tanti, dai tipici appuntamenti natalizi alle mostre esclusive che chiudono questo fantastico anno di Expo.

ExpoinCittà ExpoinCittà
Giotto, the enigmatic star of Italian medieval art
30 October 2015 Giotto, the enigmatic star of Italian medieval art

With Expo coming to a close, the keyword for October is believe, to believe in the legacy as well as the future of the grand exhibition. To regard something as true we must usually be convinced. Yet, when someone or something is enigmatic we are not only looking for a reason to believe, but also searching for a meaning within the reason. Such is why Giotto is a revered national treasure, not only for his pervasive talent but also for his compelling ambiguity.

Mia Rose Tassone Mia Rose Tassone
The Odyssey, an arduous journey
30 October 2015 The Odyssey, an arduous journey

“These tears are human, they make me a man”. These profound words of mighty Odysseus rang through the Piccolo Teatro of Milan touching each audience member with a distinct lyrical force. Such is the arduous journey of The Odyssey. 

Mia Rose Tassone Mia Rose Tassone
Giotto au Palazzo Reale
27 October 2015 Giotto au Palazzo Reale

Giotto est un artiste florentin du 13eme siècle. Il s’agit d’un artiste incontournable qui a considérablement enrichi l’histoire de l’art. 

Claire D'Ersu Claire D
ExpoinCittà: la Festa!
26 October 2015 ExpoinCittà: la Festa!

Domenica 1° novembre una giornata intera di festa per i sei mesi di ExpoinCittà in zona Tortona: da mattina a sera tante iniziative tra arte, cinema, musica, performance, artigianato, shopping e street food in collaborazione con MUDEC - Museo delle Culture, Italian Makers Village, Confcommercio Milano, Mercato di Porta Genova e CNA di Milano e Monza-Brianza. Siete tutti invitati!

ExpoinCittà ExpoinCittà
Expo might be over… but Milan must go on!
24 October 2015 Expo might be over… but Milan must go on!

Unfortunately, ExpoinCittà is almost over. To celebrate these unique six months, we have a lot of incredible events this week! And remember that we will continue to keep you posted even after the 31st October with news about the events in our calendar!

ExpoinCittà ExpoinCittà
Expo passa, ma la città resta!
24 October 2015 Expo passa, ma la città resta!

Con un pizzico di malinconia, ExpoinCittà si avvia ai titoli di coda di un semestre irripetibile: per salutarsi alla grande farete il pieno di eventi davvero eccezionali, ricordandovi che il calendario continua a vivere anche oltre il 31 ottobre con le “code” delle stagioni in palinsesto.

ExpoinCittà ExpoinCittà
El príncipe de los orfebres
23 October 2015 El príncipe de los orfebres

Con la ocasión de ExpoinCittà, en el marco incomparable de la Villa Necchi Campiglio, antaño  propiedad de la familia homónima, afamados empresarios, y ahora del FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano), precioso edificio modernista (años 1932-1935, arquitectos Portaluppi y Buzzi) ubicado en el casco histórico de Milán, acaba de estrenar  una interesante exposición dedicada a Alfredo Ravasco (1873-1958), el considerado “príncipe de los orfebres”, oriundo genovés, que tuvo su formación en Milán. 

Nando Pozzoni Nando Pozzoni

Expo in città

ExpoinCittà Communications Team contribute to A place to BLOG with Italian and English-language articles. Together with our bloggers, we will guide you through the six months of Expo, providing you with advice and information about Milan and its thriving atmosphere!

Malika Toumadj

Algerian citizen. She will delight us with Hispanic and Quixotic recipes.

Ilona Cieniuch

A Polish hispanist, she will be our reporter in Milan.

Jean Claude Fonder

Belgian IT specialist and Spanish culture enthusiast. He will propose a selection of Hispanic activities from ExpoinCittà calendar.

Nando Pozzoni

Nando is a writer, a Spanish language teacher and an hispanist specialised in history of literature. The Instituto Cervantes in Milan published his book Tras las huellas de la Milàn española (“Revisiting Spanish Milan 1706 - 2006”) and continues its collaboration with him on various research projects related to the history of literature.

Ana López Lindstrom

Ana is a Spanish librarian and she will write about Miguel de Cervantes and the 400th anniversary of the publication of the second part of Don Quijote. She will also inform us about various literary activities taking place in Milan, the “city of books”, in 2015.

Ismail Abdelgafar

Sudanese, 22 years old, Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering at University of Khartoum between 2008 and 2013. Currently studying for his Master of Science in Environmental Engineering and Geomatics at the Polytechnic University of Milan. Speaks Arabic, French, English, some Italian, some Spanish. Hobbies: music, art, sport, learning languages.


Susana Dueñas

A Mexican girl starting to have a quarter-life crisis. I’ve never moved from my house in Mexico before; that is until six months ago when I decided to come to Milan because I knew there had to be a different path for me. If anybody asks, I officially believe in love…for beer.

Irina Popova

My name is Irina, I’m 21 years old, come from a small town near Moscow, live and study in Milan. To describe myself, I could be a female character of a typical Soviet movie – good student, sports player, socially active. But the constant drive for new experiences and challenges makes me jump from the rocks, learn new languages or pack my comfort zone into four suitcases and head off to Italy. 

Mylène Cellier

Take a good liter of frenchness, add some unconditional love for food, a light touch of bad jokes and mix everything in Milan’s university for one year… And here you go, that would be me! And throughout this blog, I promise I will always be committed to what truly matters. As dear Orson Welles said, “Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch”.

Chimène Bocquet

Social innovation guru and Curiosity finder, Chimène Bocquet is studying the Management of Public Administrations in Milan.

Claire D'Ersu

Me, it’s Claire, 24 year-old, from the historic corsair city of Saint-Malo in Britanny. However, my curiosity brought me to live in quite a few countries. I believe to be particularly sensible to places, objects, persons imprinted with history and revealing a “savoir-faire”. Thus, the authenticity of Italy could only charm me. I will guide with a great pleasure my readers through Milan and its streets full of secrets.

Agathe Martinot

Agathe, 22, art and design enthusiast. Wishing to make a living out of it someday soon, I study Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano. Here are a few of my favourite things: fresh orange juice, cookies in the oven, book smells, blockbuster movies, French cheese dipped in ketchup, love problems, sunrises, bracelets for men, drives in the countryside, wedding dresses and never-ending lists.

Nisa Sedaghat

Originally from Colorado, USA, Nisa has grown up with a mixed background of Persian and European heritage, giving way to her wanderlust and love for new people, cultures, languages and food. She has spent a significant amount of time traveling the world, and tries to see at least one new place every few months. In her free time, you can find Nisa doing her favorite things: traveling, dancing, photography, laughing like crazy, and of course, eating.

Rohan VG

Rohan is from Bangalore, India. He is a mechanical engineer pursuing his master's in engineering management at the Politecnico di Milano . A huge technology enthusiast, he loves travelling, motorcycles and food. Between food, motorcycles and women, he can't decide what is the best thing that happened to him. A geek at heart who seeks refuge in movies and books.

Mia Rose Tassone

An American in Milan. Journalist. Yoga Teacher. Organic Foods Fanatic. Searching for the Essence of the Moment. Problem Anticipator. Photographer. Loving the skies above me. 

Fabian Pulido

Colombian, he was born in 1986. Graduated as Mechanical Engineer in Bogota in 2011, is always showing the passion for science, technology and particularly the love to machines and cars. Nowadays, he lives in Italy and is taking his post-graduate studies at "Politecnico di Milano". He declares himself as a new cultures explorer and specifically an Italian lifestyle fan.

Orlando Diaz

Born in the country where the waterfalls reach the sky: Venezuela. An Engineer that one day decided to take a plane to go back to the books and the student life with the promise of a best future. Hobbyist writer and lover of the animals and the nature.

Huijuan Zhu

Trilingual/Business student
Made in China/Based in Milan
Foodie/Traveller/Book Junkie
Been discovering the world since 1991

Lu Sun

I am Sun Lu and come from Baoding, an ancient city with a history of 3000 years in China. I turned 26 and have been living and studying in Italy for 2 years. My major is Musicology at University of Milan and I am passionate about literature, art, music and theatre. While being honest, positive and responsible, I always enjoy exploring new things and strive to achieve the highest standard possible at any given task. Now I am in pursuit of being an ambassador of cultural exchange and dissemination. 



Pacilia Tan

Pacilia Tan Saw Kun , Malaysian.

Loves to express myself through writing because it is the closest way to express what lies within the heart. Being an architectural enthusiast, I soon found myself fallen in love with photography and travel. I enjoy the excitement of meeting new people and discovering new things as I travel, and I will compose all of them in my writings alongside with photographs.   

Ivan Ashkinadze

My name is Ivan Ashkinadze. I was born and raised in Minsk, capital of Belarus, currently I am studying in the first year of Architecture course at Politecnico di Milano. Earlier, before moving to Milan, I had completed IB Diploma Programme at an international school in Germany. Today I speak 4 different languages on different levels: Russian as my mother-tongue, English, German and Italian. I have decided to write a blog for Expo in Città because I will get a chance to experience various events, meet interesting people and involve myself in the cultural life of Milan.

Maksym Chervinski

My name is Maksym. I am an architect; however the field of my interest extends far beyond the construction and design. The main credo is “information never could be useless”, thus I am always in the process of studying and learning something new and interesting. The more I know, the more I want to share this with people around me. Therefore, welcome to my blog – I am sure everyone will find something for themselves.

Yulia Morozova

Student from Republic of Karelia. Fallen in love with Italy. Enjoying my life in Milan and sharing happiness with everyone :)

Priscillia Jorge

Well decided to taste the dolce vita, I moved away from Parisian habits to Milan one year ago. Architect and PhD candidate in urban planning, I am interested in art, cultural events and Italian gastronomy (I have to admit it). How can we imagine a better destination than the city, mysterious and creative, where Leonardo da Vinci painted his famous Cenacolo, where the Salone del Mobile attracts the crowds from the entire world and where it is possible to eat gelato in any season?

Ray Hsi

One of a many Taiwanese in Milan (NABA). Lucky enough to go to NY (Pratt) for an exchange semester. Take responsibility seriously and become the president of  Taiwanese student in Italy community. Love challenge enough to make an internship and go to Madagascar. Enjoy my life enough to stay in Italy and I'm prepared to be something more.

Yulia Sukhneva

I'm Yulia Sukhneva, a native Russian living and studying in Milan. Do you know what the worst thing was for me when I was a child? To write essays at school. But since September 2014 I’ve started my personal style blog  ‘Fashion Consolle’ and suddenly have become an occasional writer, or blogger. Never thought I’d love writing so much. So, I don’t set limits anymore. If you like fashion, style and design follow my updates.

Markos Hughes

Markos Hughes is an exchange university student from Brisbane, Australia.
He studies architecture at the Politecnico di Milano. Alongside Expo in città he is also a Student Ambassador for the EU for Expo 2015. Markos has an interest in art, photography and storytelling.

Leyla Menchola

I am Leyla Menchola, industrial designer and art & design lover. I am very proud of my Peruvian nationality and very happy of being in Milan doing my master degree. I see in art & design a great way to generate change and social development.

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Camera di Commercio Industria Artigianato e Agricoltura di Milano.
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