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28 September 2016
Jacopo Ghilardotti – The Atellani House and Leonardo’s Vineyard
Jacopo Ghilardotti – The Atellani House and Leonardo’s Vineyard

For five centuries in Milan, a historic building rises in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie, and its name maintains the memory of the nobleman, Signor Giacometto di Lucia dell'Atella, to whom the then Duke of Milan, Ludovico il Moro, donated the two original houses nearby in 1490. 

Elce Elce
Vittorio Gargaglione – Navigli Lombardi
22 September 2016 Vittorio Gargaglione – Navigli Lombardi

After years of neglect and disputes the Darsena, the dock in Milan, today shines, crowded with people and events; but the Darsena is only a small part, the terminal point of an intricate liquid network that surrounds and, secretly, crosses the city. The Navigli, the Canal System, as well as having connected Milan with the surrounding area from a military, commercial, transport and agriculture point of view for centuries, today represents a connection network between people, production firms that cooperate and interact on the same territory in order to realise a shared project. 

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Andrea Capaldi, Paolo Aniello - mare culturale urbano
22 July 2016 Andrea Capaldi, Paolo Aniello - mare culturale urbano

Cascina Torrette di Trenno is a Seventeenth Century farmhouse immersed in the urban fabric of Milan, a historic building that, in spite of the city growing outside its brick walls, has maintained the original agricultural and rural identity. Today, this old farmhouse is home to a new reality but is still deeply linked to the territory and the shared labour values: the mare (the sea), a place that was not in Milan. Andrea and Paolo, along with Benedetto Sicca, are the founders of Mare Culturale Urbano (Urban Cultural Sea) and both come from the world of theatre. 

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Elena Dondina - MuBA | Children Museum
11 July 2016 Elena Dondina - MuBA | Children Museum

The association MuBA was founded in Milan in 1995, it is a group of people who have decided to unite in order to create something new, to spread a diverging message in the cultural landscape of Milan of those years: even children need their own space for culture, a customised museum, a place that is not a school or a playground but somewhere where they can learn through experience, exercise their curiosity and develop creative thinking. 

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Cristiano Dal Sasso - Museum of Natural History
11 July 2016 Cristiano Dal Sasso - Museum of Natural History

Walking through the public gardens named after Montanelli, inside the so-called “Garden of Sciences” we meet an impressive Nineteenth Century building overlooking Corso Venezia. This is the oldest civic museum in Milan, the Museum of Natural History, opened for the first time to the public in 1844.  

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