Moving Into a Place of  Three Dimensionality, Dark Intricacies and Spectacular Views

Moving Into a Place of Three Dimensionality, Dark Intricacies and Spectacular Views

Do you feel that? The sudden drop in temperature, the crispness in the air? Put away your swimsuits, sunscreen and towels and reach for your scarfs and boots. Welcome back my friends - it’s officially fall and we are in September.

This month’s Expo in Città theme is “BE-yond,” which could constitute a number of things, but let’s focus on the fact that we are beyond summer, which means our forms of entertainment will start primarily occurring indoors. Situated in the very center of town, next to our beautiful Duomo, is the Museo del Novecento, a wonderful modernly designed museum which is currently hosting artist’s Lucio Fontana’s “Concetto Spaziale.”

Lucio Fontana was born 1899, died 1986; living during a period of time in which society was starting to make significant advancements in technology; moving into an age where transportation was faster, longer, further, and where electricity was discovered and changed life as we knew it. On this brink of all this scientific discovery and creativity, it’s no wonder that Fontana was inspired himself to explore and create with various materials that other artists had not yet frequented. His use of assorted recycled materials created shapes and figures that were complex in their minuscule details yet ambiguous in their abstractness of their forms.

The same with his, at first, more seemingly simple pieces. His duller chromatic color schemes that have a rhythmic pattern of interruption through what appears to be dark or black organic curbed strokes, are actually cuts into the canvas. 

This was a fantastic technique that was be-yond its time, moving the art world into a different direction, one of three dimensionality.  Fontana’s work is wonderful in its ability to marry the simplicity of ambiguity with the complexity in these rough, raw and yet beautiful works, who’s dark colors and slits into a black emptiness, echo with those same spaces in your mind, encouraging questions of confusing thought and dark intricacy. 

His darker color schemes and unique use of brushwork, dimensions and materials, are something that interesting enough can also be compared to the likes of another artist (from a bit later of a time),  Alberto Burri. Beyond Fontana’s exhibit, the museum boast a number of other equally and interesting impressive works, plus spectacular views. 

Be sure to stop at the top floor for this quick snapshot, before heading across the Piazza for a deliciously chic aperitif at the historical Campari bar or for a little afternoon shopping at La         Rinascente. 

Tickets are inexpensive or gratis for students under 25, so bundle up a bit, grab a coffee and check out this compelling exhibit happening now - more info on their website at - until next time, ciao ciao!! 

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