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An American in Milan. Journalist. Yoga Teacher. Organic Foods Fanatic. Searching for the Essence of the Moment. Problem Anticipator. Photographer. Loving the skies above me. 

Mia Rose Tassone

30 October 2015 The Odyssey, an arduous journey
The Odyssey, an arduous journey

“These tears are human, they make me a man”. These profound words of mighty Odysseus rang through the Piccolo Teatro of Milan touching each audience member with a distinct lyrical force. Such is the arduous journey of The Odyssey. 

Mia Rose Tassone
30 October 2015 Giotto, the enigmatic star of Italian medieval art
Giotto, the enigmatic star of Italian medieval art

With Expo coming to a close, the keyword for October is believe, to believe in the legacy as well as the future of the grand exhibition. To regard something as true we must usually be convinced. Yet, when someone or something is enigmatic we are not only looking for a reason to believe, but also searching for a meaning within the reason. Such is why Giotto is a revered national treasure, not only for his pervasive talent but also for his compelling ambiguity.

Mia Rose Tassone
8 October 2015 BookCity Milan and the Future of Storytelling
BookCity Milan and the Future of Storytelling

Quite simply, there is nothing like the ineffable experience of reading a book and losing yourself for a while in the captivation of storytelling. Yet, the way we read is evolving. Where we once could only feel the cover and turn the pages, today technology has brought literature to limitless digital platforms.

Mia Rose Tassone
6 October 2015 Sagra del Gorgonzola
Sagra del Gorgonzola

Gorgonzola. It’s more than just a cheese; it’s an eclectic city. 

Mia Rose Tassone
17 September 2015 The Blues Legend
The Blues Legend

Suits, ties, fedora trilbys and sunglasses; all in black. This is the iconic persona of two brothers who had the audacity to say they were on a mission from God. This is the Blues Brothers. 

Mia Rose Tassone
9 September 2015 Motherhood, Femininity and the Female Form
Motherhood, Femininity and the Female Form

Quite simply, motherhood is a pervasive act synonymous with selflessness. Such is why with the “Beyond” keyword during the month of September; ExpoinCittà attempts to create the transcendent relationship between women and culture through The Great Mother exhibition. The exhibition is accurately named, as it’s a journey through the stories of women suffering, thriving whilst encountering life. 

Mia Rose Tassone
20 August 2015 To be Leonardo da Vinci: An impossible interview
To be Leonardo da Vinci: An impossible interview

As August is the month to be “BEside” for ExpoinCittà, such is the significance of "Leonardo, an impossible interview" at the Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, to be alongside (figuratively) the legendary master.

Mia Rose Tassone
12 August 2015 The aesthetic sensibility of form & function
The aesthetic sensibility of form & function

100 pieces, 47 Designers, 100% design. Such is the purpose of Museo del Design 1880-1980: to transcend design from simply objects to masterpieces. Musei Italiani has brought to light the hidden renowned collections of design maestros with their inaugural exhibition. Its purpose: to serve in providing the awareness of the history of design. 

Mia Rose Tassone
17 July 2015 The roots of Italian design and modern architecture
The roots of Italian design and modern architecture

Quite simply, the Italian production of design was born from the harmony of architects and artisans. These two cannot survive without each other. ExpoinCittà is devoted to the appreciation of designers and proudly presents renowned Italian designer: Franco Albini. In order to diffuse these values the Fondazione Franco Albini (Franco Albini Foundation) was conceived 30 years after the death of the homonymous architect or artisan (as he preferred to call himself), a figure that many have investigated, but who has yet to be understood his totality. Check out my exclusive tour of Fondazioone Franco Albini.

Mia Rose Tassone
16 July 2015 Sound as material, ALMA MATER
Sound as material, ALMA MATER

Until August 29th 2015, the Cattedrale-building at La Fabbrica del Vapore (The Steam Factory) in Milan will host a unique art event: ALMA MATER the spectacular new multimedia creation by Yuval Avital, in dialogue with an original version of “IL TERZO PARADISO” by Michelangelo Pistoletto.

Mia Rose Tassone
25 June 2015 The art of seriality
The art of seriality

Why do we value an original rather than a replication? Seriality, reproduction, imitation and reworking have been ingrained in our culture since the Classical period. Such is the purpose of the exhibition at Milan’s Fondazione Prada, Serial Classic: Multiplying Art in Greece and Rome. 

Mia Rose Tassone
22 June 2015 Illuminating critical thinking
Illuminating critical thinking

As May was the month signifying the BEginning, June is undoubtedly the month to BEloved. With the symbol of the painting “Il bacio” (the kiss) by Francesco Hayez, it is the right of everyone to love and be loved in all aspects of life. Such is the significance of the Museo dei Bambini Milano (MUBA), the children’s museum of Milan, where children are taught how to think critically rather than just given what to think. It is truly a devotion to the enhancement of the mind, body and soul for those who will define our future. 

Mia Rose Tassone
4 June 2015 Running with humility
Running with humility

“The world is in front of you. Run.” This is the simple, yet complex call to action by Avon Running. Avon prides itself on being the “company for women”. Such is the reason for La Corsa delle Donne in Milan on May 24th, 2015. Thus, Avon Running allows thousands of individuals to simultaneously devote themselves to a necessary cause, elevating their desires and organizing their energies to create one.

Mia Rose Tassone
28 May 2015 Cycling the Countryside!
Cycling the Countryside!

What does being in nature really mean? Is it watching a storm pass in the distance in anticipation for the spark of thunder to light the night sky? Or the last glimpse of the sun as it falls beneath a mountain peak? Does being shown an indescribable sight justify the appreciation of the moment itself?

Mia Rose Tassone
15 May 2015 The Theater, The Ability to Stare
The Theater, The Ability to Stare

It’s official; Broadway has arrived in Milano at Barclays Teatro Nazionale, presenting: The Best of Musical, a live journey of the four most beloved musicals of the last decade all in one show: Beauty & The Beast, Mamma Mia!, Sister Act and Saturday Night Fever. Performing were famous Italian musical actors of Stage Italia from 2009 to 2013. The show runs from May 5th-17th, 2015. 

Mia Rose Tassone
8 May 2015 The Countryside Invades Milan
The Countryside Invades Milan

Straw bales, a massive apple covered in natural grass, Milanesi holding hands in unity with the façade of the Duomo watching in the background, all represent the inauguration on Sunday, May 3rd of Via Lattea: the countryside invades the city in piazza del Duomo.

Mia Rose Tassone
8 May 2015 Third Paradise - The Reinstated Apple
Third Paradise - The Reinstated Apple

If you’re wondering what that huge apple is in the center of piazza del Duomo here’s the explanation: The installation is Terzo Paradiso La Mela Reintegrata (Third Paradise -The Reinstated Apple). From May 3rd – 18th, the work of Milanese artist Michelangelo Pistoletto will reside in piazza del Duomo. The apple is of phenomenal dimensions; eight meters high by eight in diameter, bitten and unified, the artwork is covered in a carpet of natural grass. 

Mia Rose Tassone
4 May 2015 Milan’s Golden Age: Illuminating the Past
Milan’s Golden Age: Illuminating the Past

Milan is an inimitable city. There is a constant rediscovery and rebirth in every moment. Yet, as we encounter the transient present, we draw our faces unknowingly towards history. Milan is as modern as it is legendary which is why when the Palazzo Reale opened the exhibit of Arte Lombarda: Dai Visconti Agli Sforza (Lombard Art: From Visconti to Sforza) running until June 28th, 2015, I was immediately fascinated. To know the background of how Milan rose to power to become the center of Europe is essential for all Milanesi.

Mia Rose Tassone
23 April 2015 The Transcendence of FOOD
The Transcendence of FOOD

If you love food, (which you probably do since you are a human being) and are interested in what you are putting into your body, it is necessary to visit the exhibit at Museo Civico di Storia Naturale. FOOD: La Scienza dai semi al Piatto, which runs until June 28, 2015. In collaboration with 24 ORE Cultura, Comune di Milano and many more. The event is an interactive, informative and innovative experience that is invigorating for any age. 

Mia Rose Tassone
25 March 2015 Il Quarto Stato & BEginning: A Salutary Experience
Il Quarto Stato & BEginning: A Salutary Experience

If all art is symbolism, then is all symbolism art? We may ponder this question with the first of six Expo in Città slogans. For May, BEginning is the slogan and the symbol is the painting “Il Quarto Stato” by Pelizza da Volpedo showcased at The Museo del Novecento in Milan. 

Mia Rose Tassone

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