Rohan VG

Rohan is from Bangalore, India. He is a mechanical engineer pursuing his master's in engineering management at the Politecnico di Milano . A huge technology enthusiast, he loves travelling, motorcycles and food. Between food, motorcycles and women, he can't decide what is the best thing that happened to him. A geek at heart who seeks refuge in movies and books.

Rohan VG

29 July 2015 A portal to the Renaissance era
A portal to the Renaissance era

Located right in the heart of Milan, Castle Sforza is what I would like to call a portal to travel back in time.

Rohan VG
4 May 2015 Blast from the past
Blast from the past

Hidden away in one of the deserted streets of Bovisa, is a time portal. Yes you read that right. A time portal. A portal that takes you back in time. Back when you were a kid and the one thing that mattered to you the most was your toys. 

Rohan VG
23 April 2015 The Mesmerising World of Leonardo
The Mesmerising World of Leonardo

If you are a fan of one of history’s most celebrated inventor, painter, engineer, sculptor, musician, anatomist, cartographer (and I can go on), then Leonardo3 - The World of Leonardo exhibition is the place for you. 

Rohan VG
25 March 2015 Walks to remember
Walks to remember

JRR Tolkien said “Not all those who wander are lost”. I couldn’t particularly experience it until I visited Milan. I am a student. I don’t have a car or a motorcycle (and lack the patience for the public transport) so I usually walk everywhere. It was truly a blessing in disguise, as I came to understand that the best way to discover a city, is to walk through it, feel its movements, see its emotions, taste its offerings, touch its structures and smell its scents. I would recommend no other way to explore a city, other than by walking. Milan is a treasure trove and if you look around, you will never go unrewarded. 

Rohan VG

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